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As the hearts and souls of their respective communities, local producers often supply the best products their region has to offer – but that is not the only reason to take pride in sourcing locally-made goods.

The recent pandemic and its effect on international trade has fortunately shone a light on the importance of supporting locally made produce, with many people nowadays having a more socially conscious mindset when shopping. Not only does purchasing local goods boost trade and the economy in local, family owned and smaller businesses, but it also reaps many other benefits for the environment and the community that you would not expect.


Environmental Benefits

Importing food and other products across large distances is a huge burden on the environment, as it results in a ton of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and fuel consumption. These ‘food miles’ are significantly reduced when sourcing locally. Not only does this make local produce a more environmentally conscious option, but also a more organic and healthy one, as the cutback in travel time also contributes to less pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals being used to keep products from spoiling on long journeys.

Financial Benefits

While locally made products used to be on the more expensive side, thanks to a more active and competitive market of small businesses emerging in today’s industry, sourcing local has never been cheaper. Additionally, keeping a steady flow of money running through independent, family businesses is always good, as it preserves the culture and economy of your neighbourhood and injects some life into the public. Purchasing locally is also just a great social opportunity in general, as it can lead to new friendships, discounts, collaborations, support networks and a tighter knit community.

Quality Benefits

One of the biggest reasons people opt for goods grown or manufactured near their home is because they believe them to be of a higher quality. This is especially true for food, as produce grown and cultivated nearby is bound to be fresh and higher in nutrients. Not only do local businesses tend to sell more quality, hand made products than most, but they also often supply a more diverse and unique range of produce.

Hampers to Go was founded alongside a passion for the Sunshine Coast’s incredible range of unique, creative and world-class local producers. We are very proud to support our local heroes by showcasing the best that our region has to offer in our beautifully personalised gift baskets and hampers.