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You walk through the door of your new home, open the boot of your new car, open the door to the delivery service, or check out the bathroom in your weekend getaway and find yourself being treated to a decadent and unexpected gift.

For anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of such a gesture – those memories will start to come to the fore now – the smile on the face, the reflection on what you found in the basket of goodies and where, when and who was involved in the event.

While much has been written around the art of gift giving, the surprise and delight of the receiver is an important part of the process.

As a gift giver, putting yourself in the shoes of the receiver, picturing how they will react, and hoping that you’ve found the right gift to reflect well on yourself or your business is all part of strengthening the reciprocal relationships that are a key to successful human communities.

When it comes great opportunities to treat someone to an unexpected gift, of which of course a personalised hamper is a great option – here’s a few ideas:


  1. Welcome to the Sunshine Coast

What better way to welcome people to the Coast than a custom hamper loaded with products made right here in their new home or holiday destination.

  1. Let’s go glamping

Heading off for a weekend’s camping trip? Surprise the family with a hamper full of tasty treats that are sure to keep them talking.

  1. Thanks Coach!

Early mornings, late nights, tears, and celebrations. Every season our sporting volunteers dig deep to help others succeed. There’s never a bad time to say thank you – and a hamper of their favourite things is sure to brighten up any day!

  1. The big birthdays

Whether it’s the 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th or 100th – there are some birthdays that simply require a different approach. Birthdays where socks, jocks or perfume simply don’t cut it. A hand-picked, custom-crafted, locally sourced basket of goodies though…. It’s a winner!

  1. No reason at all

If you want a true surprise, to really treat someone and let them know you’re thinking about them all the time – how about a random gift, on a random day. Imagine how your afternoon would go if you were on the receiving end from someone you know, trust and even love.