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From fluffy socks to outrageously big bouquets of flowers or an ultra-soft blanket, there are so many ways to show your loved one in hospital how much you care.

A thoughtful gesture of giving can bring great comfort and help them feel supported during a time big change, or of discomfort and distress. Getting the gift right for someone in hospital takes some thoughtfulness and care. There can be special dietary restrictions, limitations on space in the room and other things consider about the person’s health and hospital guidelines. Here are five ways to make sure you get it right and bring a warm and fuzzy feeling to your special person!

1. Investigate what they can eat and drink

Before purchasing a gift for someone staying in hospital, or just leaving, check out any dietary restrictions they have, for both food and beverage and any allergies. It could be that they are not allowed any sugar or only soft foods for example and no hot drinks. When it comes to food items, if the person is seriously unwell, it’s best to err on the side of caution and not give them something which could make them feel worse.

If food is a goer, then we have some great hampers to brighten your special person’s day!

Gourmet nibbles hamper

  Gourmet nibbles hamper

Our Gourmet Nibbles hamper is ideal for people who would enjoy a treat and is packed with a wonderful variety of small treats such as Milk Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans, Gourmet Mixed Nuts, Salt & Vinegar Macadamias, Macadamia Brittle, Mango & Passionfruit Cafe Cookie and more!

After hours hamper

                 After Hours hamper

Another hot fave for giving to someone in hospital is our After Hours hamper for the grownups. With a bottle of silky smooth Stonyfell Shiraz Cabernet, plus Roasted Dark Chocolate Mango and Milk Chocolate Blueberries, Gold Digger Honeycomb (GF) and more goodies, this is a truly decadent treat which will warm their heart.

2. Nail the delivery

Depending on the person’s condition, hospital delivery guidelines and what item/s you are organising as a gift, it’s essential to do a bit of research to ensure the gift can reach it’s intended recipient at the right time and not be rejected.

If you’re organising for a third party like Hampers To Go or a courier to deliver flowers, be sure to check with the hospital administration about what is allowed, what times are best for delivery and to make sure the person you’re buying for is still in hospital! You may need to provide quite specific delivery instructions to your third-party supplier. If you prefer bringing the gift yourself, you still need to ask hospital administration on the ward what is permitted and best times of day to bring it along.

3. Keep them entertained

Staying in hospital can be incredibly boring and lonely at times. One way to guarantee you give them a gift they get oodles of enjoyment out of is to give them something which keeps them occupied and relaxed. Puzzle books, magazines, a tablet device loaded up with documentaries or interesting YouTube videos on things they love or even not-too-messy craft items like knitting are all ways to give thoughtfully and keep the beloved patient mentally healthy.

Puzzle Time hamper

Puzzle Time hamper

Hampers to Go offer a Puzzle Time hamper with some sweet cookie treats thrown in. (remember to check for dietary needs). You can also Build your own hamper with us. Just get in touch at or (07) 5448 8536 and let us know what help you need and we can tailor a hamper to the person and their situation.

4. Link in with the special occasions

Some visits to the hospital are joyful, like when a baby is born or when the medical treatment will dramatically improve a person’s quality of life. Gifts can be bought to mark the occasion or show your care and concern for the situation they are going through. Take the time investigate what the person needs while they are there. What would make them feel good and cared about? For example, they may feel more comfortable moving around with some new slippers, some beautiful smelling body wash, hand cream or even a scented heat pack.

Baby hamper

     New baby hamper

Some heart-warming options from Hampers to Go for when a baby is born include our new baby hamper range for boy or girl babies, mum’s and dad’s complete with foodie treats, soft toys and clothing.

Tea Treats hamper

Tea Treats Hamper ~ a great Get Well Soon gift option

When you need a gift basket packed with loving care to send to a loved one, friend or workmate who’s feeling not well, one of our Get Well Soon hampers could be just the trick. Whether it’s sweets, biscuits, nuts or chocolate, these get-well gift baskets have been created carefully curated to make your special person feel a little brighter.

5. Bigger isn’t necessarily better

Foodie treats, flowers and plants play a vital role in boosting the spirits of someone staying in hospital. Sending something significant in size shows that you care about them A LOT, but, be mindful of the hospital room size and small area your gift will need to fit in.  You don’t want to overwhelm your loved one with affection or cause them embarrassment and stress with Tea Treats Hamper ~ a great Get Well Soon gift option something outlandish.  The more useful and enjoyable it can be, the better. A small, thoughtful gift can make a more positive impact than a large, useless one! Fit the gift to the person and the situation carefully.

Giving someone in hospital something special is all about them. The gift should be useful, or nurturing and make them feel cared about. It shows them that you value their love and/or friendship in your life and it can show how much thought into doing something unique to their situation. Done well they will remember it for years to come and think of you when they reflect on a challenging or memorable time in their life.


Hampers To Go loves supporting local Sunshine Coast food producers to showcase the incredible local cuisine, which attract visitors from all over the globe to the region.

The team takes delight in providing stunning, carefully curated gift hampers packed with decadent treats to make every person feel good who’s lucky enough to receive one. Check out what’s available.